Laurel Hill and West Laurel Hill Cemeteries Seek a CEO & President

In today’s changing world, organizations with a celebrated past must examine not only how to remain relevant in times of exponential change, but also how to orchestrate a future where they can play a leading role in their industry and their community. For organizations such as the Laurel Hill Group—one with a rich history that is part of the very fabric of the city of Philadelphia—this challenge is complex. We believe we have laid the groundwork for an exciting future…a future where other organizations around the nation – both for and not-forprofit – will continue to see us as a model for how to implement forward-thinking strategies while protecting the rich history and investments made in protecting our past. We believe that each distinctive company, when combined, brings a whole that is very unique to our industry and our community. And we believe this creates a rare and special opportunity for our next CEO and President.

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