Tomorrow is the Deadline for Vision Zero Feedback

Tomorrow is the deadline for you to help influence the first Action Plan for Vision Zero, the City's initiative to end traffic related death and serious injury in Philadelphia by 2030. 

What do you need to do by tomorrow?

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PACDC Releases Commercial Corridor Policy Agenda

Today the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC) released its 2017 Commercial Corridor Policy Agenda.  Neighborhood corridors are the economic arteries of Philadelphia, and strong corridors make strong communities!

Read the full agenda here


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PACDC Testimony on FY18 General Fund Budget

PACDC testified before City Council on the FY18 budget on May 3rd 2017, urging Council to double dedicated revenue to the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund to a minimum of $25 million annually, and to expand the CDC Tax Credit Program. 

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PACDC testimony on the FY18/Year 43 Preliminary Consolidated Plan

PACDC testified on the FY18/Year 43 Preliminary Consolidated Plan on April 27th 2017, urging the Kenney Administration to double the housing trust fund, expand funding for commercial corridor programs.  The Consolidated Plan is the City's budget for all local, state and federal funds for community development. 

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Take Action on the ACA

The ACA has led to thousands of our neighbors getting access to healthcare, pushing the number of uninsured persons to historic lows. In addition, the ACA has helped deepen relationships between nonprofit hospitals and CDCs to improve community health, such as through addressing asthma triggers in homes. 

Today the House of Representatives will vote on repealing the ACA and replacing it with a new version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA).

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PACDC Releases 25th Anniversary Edition of Magazine - Community Capital: Neighborhoods as Economic Engines


25th Anniversary Edition: “Community Capital: Neighborhoods as Economic Engines” April 2017

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PACDC’s 2017 Magazine explores the role neighborhoods play as engines for economic vitality and highlights awardees and projects honored for community development excellence and impact. Special thanks to all of our guest authors.


In March 2017, PACDC launched a Tweet campaign to show how federally funded programs that President Trump has proposed to eliminate or cut are critical to our neighbors and communities!  

We asked our members and supporters to share a photo of a person or a place that has benefited from federal funding on the chopping block, ranging from programs that address homelessness and affordable homes, energy assistance, economic development, to the arts and more.  We'll be sharing these tweets with our representatives in Washington to urge them to stop the budget cuts.  

Check out some of our favorite tweets below.  And contribute yours on Twitter using the hashtag #FedFundsMatter!

PACDC Statement on the Trump Budget Blueprint

For Immediate Release:  Thursday, March 16th, 2017
Contact:  Beth McConnell, Policy Director, 215-732-5829 x 110 or cell 267.918.7207 

The Trump Budget is Devastating for Community Development in Philadelphia

It’s bad for small businesses, bad for families, bad for communities.

Today, the Trump Administration released a budget blueprint that, if enacted, would be devastating for Philadelphians.  The Trump budget is an attack on families, small businesses and communities in Philadelphia.

The blueprint proposes eliminating the Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG), which would end popular and effective programs and their staff that make our neighborhood commercial corridors clean, safe and attractive, and which help small businesses become more stable and grow.  The Trump budget is bad for small businesses and Philadelphia’s economy. 

Eliminating CDBG would also end the Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC) program, ending funding for 20 organizations and their staff in Philadelphia that connect residents to help saving their homes from foreclosure, keeping the heat on in winter, and accessing a range of employment, education, health and other services.  The Trump budget is bad for low-income communities.

Eliminating CDBG and the HOME program would also dramatically reduce funds available for affordable homes.  Fewer new affordable homes will be built, repaired or rehabilitated.  At a time when more than 100,000 Philadelphians are searching for help finding a safe, affordable home, Trump’s budget would exacerbate our affordable home crisis.  Housing counseling in Philadelphia would also be eliminated if CDBG were to be zeroed out, which would lead to more people losing their homes to mortgage and tax foreclosure, unscrupulous lending practices, and would thwart first time homebuyer programs.  The Trump budget is bad for families and individuals seeking housing security.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there.  The Trump budget also proposes eliminating funding for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), which would end creative place-making programs that use arts to revitalize disinvested communities.

Funding for Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) that provide lending to small businesses and non-profits that can’t get financing from traditional banks would also be eliminated, and so would funding for capacity-building non-profits that support Philadelphia’s CDCs.

This budget proposal sends a clear message from the Trump Administration that Philadelphians—and cities—don’t matter to them.  PACDC, our members and allies will fight to stop this inequitable budget in its tracks. 

The Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations (PACDC) is a membership association of more than 120 CDCs and other organizations working to create equitable Philadelphia neighborhoods.  Follow us @PhillyCDCs

PACDC Testimony on Resolution No. 170027

On the morning of March 13, 2017, PACDC's Beth McConnell provided testimony to Committee of Housing, Neighborhood Development and the Homeless on Resolution No. 170027. McConnell spoke of the ongoing need for greater resources for affordable housing in Philadelphia to prevent and end homelessness, and advocated for at least doubling dedicated funding for the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund to accomplish this. Full testimony can be found here.  

Release: Mayor: Boost Housing Funding; Over 600 applications for 51 low cost rental units

For Immediate Release:
March 2, 2016

Beth McConnell, PACDC (215) 732-5829 x 110
Lowell Brown, NKCDC, 215-427-0350 , x 137

Groups Urge Mayor to Double the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund In FY18 Budget 

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