PACDC advocates for policies that support vibrant and diverse neighborhoods across Philadelphia that equitably meet the needs of all community members, preserve and enhance community assets, and foster a stronger city and region. Vibrant and diverse Neighborhoods are ones that:

•             Ensure that neighborhood residents and other stakeholders play an integral role in determining the future of their community;

•             Ensure that lower-income and long-term residents and other stakeholders benefit from neighborhood improvements;

•             Retain existing and attract new public and private investment, residents, and businesses;

•             Provide a range of housing opportunities to benefit households at a variety of income levels;

•             Provide local access to goods, services and jobs; and

•             Sustain a mix of incomes and ethnicities over time.

This is why we are working to advance the ideas in our Equitable Development Policy Platform, a series of recommendations for improving Philadelphia's neighborhoods in a way that benefits all Philadelphians. Our current priority is our campaign to at least double the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund to at least $25 million per year to address Philadelphia's housing crisis.

To learn more about our Equitable Development Policy Platform click here.

To learn more about the Campaign to Double the Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund and how you can play a part click here.