Tell Senator Toomey Not to Leave Philadelphians Out in the Cold

As the holidays approach and we gather in the living room with our families to celebrate and look forward to a New Year, pause to remember that too many of our neighbors are not so fortunate. Too many are unable to afford a safe, decent place to live or are out on the street alone facing temperatures so low the City was forced to declare a Code Blue Emergency.

One of the most important programs that we have to provide Philadelphians – hardworking families, single moms, veterans, seniors, and many more – with quality, affordable homes is the Community Development Block Grant Program or CDBG.

Unfortunately, Senator Toomey has spent this holiday season threatening to cut CDBG funding for Philadelphia and other cities due to an unrelated policy disagreement. We need all of our elected officials to be working together to provide more resources to help Philadelphians and Pennsylvanians in need, not devising ways to harm them.

Remember, supporting our at-risk populations stabilizes our city which generates increased investment in Philadelphia and increases revenue for Pennsylvania.

So before you join in fellowship with your friends and family, take a moment to call Senator Toomey and ask him not leave Philadelphians out in the cold, ask him to stop threatening CDBG.

Philadelphia Office:(215) 241-1090
D.C. Office: (202) 224-4254

From all of us at PACDC we wish you and yours very happy holidays.